When I had Bianka, my first child, I felt compelled to find her clothes that were not just grown up styles scaled down for kids. Having spent years in fashion I knew I needed practical garments, easy to take off and put on, that also looked fashionable. I wanted her to have the best of both worlds – fashion and functionality. Since I couldn’t find what I needed, I decided to create my own brand. The name was easy – Bianka’s nickname is Macci, and that’s how Macci Macci was born. It’s dedicated to all the cool kids out there with their unique and amazing individuality and imagination, to those still living in the Neverland. I believe children should not wear boring clothes. By treating my new brand as an homage to my baby girl, I was very aware of the importance of choosing quality materials that I would want my own child to wear. So I am very proud that all Macci Macci clothes are made from eco-friendly textiles. It is a project that has brought me great joy and I hope that shines through the clothes I’m making.